Welcome to Brazoria County Cavalry, the first of its kind. Founded Jan 18th 2008

Joining Brazoria County Cavalry
You do NOT need to have served in the Military, be in Law Enforcement, be a Firefighter or EMT or ride a motorcycle to join Brazoria County Cavalry. You only need to be Patriotic and respectful of others. There are no Fees or Dues to become a Brazoria County Cavalry member.

We are motorcyclist and Patriots of Brazoria County Texas, who over many years have reached out to our community to try to fulfill the needs of many people. We have founded an Organization by Brazoria County people for the people of Brazoria County, Texas. We are home town people trying to take care of our own. The organization is called "Brazoria County Cavalry", and here is our vision.

Vision Statement
Brazoria County Cavalry exists to assist the families of Brazoria County, Texas who have family members that are serving, or have served in the Military, or  Law Enforcement, Firefighters or EMT's in Brazoria County, Texas by organizing the local motorcycle community and other Patriots to come together and provide escorts for their loved one(s) in times of sorrow or celebration at the family's request.

There are no Fees or Dues to become a Brazoria County Cavalry member. You do not need to have served in the Military, be in Law Enforcement, be a Firefighter or EMT to join Brazoria County Cavalry. You only need to be Patriotic and respectful of others. For general questions and information about BCC, please feel free to contact the Brazoria Chamber of Commerce at 979-798-HERO (4376). Hours are from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Mon - Fri. For rides/escorts and event requests please go to our "Contact Us" page on the left.

All Brazoria County Cavalry Rides/Escorts and Events are subject to change due to any funeral services for one of our Fallen American Heroes. Funerals always take precedence.

For Brazoria County Cavalry to fulfill any request it receives, we require a minimum of a 72 hour notice in advance of the day we are being requested to participate.
 Latest News, Escorts, Member Submissions and Ride Announcements

Brazoria County Fair Parade 10-10-15

Brazoria County Cavalry will be participating in the Fair Parade in Angleton with our Cavalry Float.  We are asking Cavalry Members to come and ride on the float.  If you would like to ride on the float, you will need to meet at Wal-Mart parking lot in Angleton located at 1801 North Velasco/Hwy 288B at 9:15 am.  If you would like to bring candy to toss to the children, that would be great.  Cavalry Members will be brought back to the staging area after the parade ends.  Lets fill our float with a bunch of Patriotic Americans.  Please note that Brazoria County Cavalry will NOT be leading this parade and therefore do NOT recommend riding your motorcycle.  If you choose to ride a motorcycle you will be responsible for paying your own entry fee.

The staging place and time are listed below.  This will be a great opportunity for Brazoria County Cavalry and other Patriots to show our Patriotism in our community.   Please wear your Brazoria County Cavalry logo proudly.

NOTE: Brazoria County Cavalry Members and other Patriots who are riding on the float.

Date: Saturday October 10th
Staging Area: Wal-Mart parking lot 1801 North Velasco/Hwy 288B
Angleton, TX.
Staging Time: 9:15 am
Safety Briefing: 9:35 am
Prayer: 9:40 am
KSU: 9:45 am
Final Destination: Wal-Mart parking lot Angleton, TX.

Cavalry Upcoming Info

Please click on the Cavalry History page to your left for more info about Brazoria County Cavalry.  Also check out our Other Rides tab for things going on around the county.

As you all know, Brazoria County Cavalry has something going on all the time.  If for some reason you are not receiving our emails please contact us.  We want everyone to participate.

Need some FREE Cavalry Business Cards to encourage others to honor our Heroes or some Cavalry merchandise?  Contact Cavalry Committee Member Gary Oltz @ 979-236-2010 or at a staging. 

Saturday October 10th Brazoria County Fair Parade Angleton TX.  Info sent to Members.

Friday October 23rd Potential Honoring for Hero.  Info coming soon.

Wednesday November 11th Veterans Day Parade Angleton TX.  Info coming soon.

Saturday November 14th Potential Honoring for HeroesInfo coming soon.

Sunday November 15th Potential Brazoria County Cavalry Member Appreciation Day by local church in Angleton TXInfo coming soon.

Saturday February 27th 2016 Brazoria County Cavalry 8 Year Anniversary.  Info coming soon.

Saturday March 5th 2016 Red, White & Blue Festival Danbury TX.  Info coming soon.






Brazoria County Cavalry Office is open by appointment only

Please contact Gary Oltz @ 979-236-2010 or Tracy Read @ 979-709-1598

or click on the contact us link and send us an email