Brazoria County Cavalry History

Brazoria County Cavalry Inc. was founded on Jan 18th 2008 by Tracy Read, Dana Read and other Patriots.  Read’s vision was to create an organization that would honor those men and women who serve our country and county.  Those men and women would include Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMT’s of Brazoria County.  Read believes that no one can do a better job of honoring those who serve than the citizens who live in that community.  Read wanted all American Patriots to be able to participate in the honoring and events that the Cavalry would be involved in.  Therefore, Read  made the Cavalry one of the easiest organizations to join in the country.  There are no fees or dues for members.  There are no meetings to attend.  You don’t need a motorcycle to participate because vehicles are welcome as well.   Read doesn’t care how you get there to honor a Hero as long as you participate.  Read has never served in the Military, but in 2009 became employed as a Brazoria County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Part of the reason for creating the Cavalry was that Read wanted to teach his son Trace about Patriotism and to make sure that no Hero serving today would experience the poor  treatment that so many of our Heroes that served in Korea and Vietnam experienced.  Read believes that if we get to the point in this country when we don’t have time to honor or thank a Hero, we won’t have a country worth serving.

The Cavalry’s reputation is built on honesty, respect and professionalism; this is why the Cavalry does not make the initial contact to families.  The Cavalry would never want to intrude on a family in their time of sorrow or celebration.  The Cavalry has the support of many political figures, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMT’s, Business Leaders, Veterans Groups and the public.  The most support comes from the Cavalry Members who spend their time and money to come out and honor those who serve.

The Cavalry has honored over 800 American Heroes since its inception in 2008.  The Members are involved in the community participating in honoring, parade’s, speaking engagements at local schools and civic organizations, ringing the Salvation Army Bell and making a difference in the community.  The Cavalry assisted in the donations for The Ring of Honor located in Angleton, The Veterans Memorial in Brazoria, and the Veterans Memorial in Jones Creek and donated for the building of a home for injured American Hero Bradley Thomas.

There are many different things the Cavalry receives request for.  Those requests are discussed with the Cavalry Committee Members and Officer’s and are voted on to either participate in or pass on.

Read wants everyone to know that the Cavalry’s existence would not be possible without the Grace of God, the Committee Members and Officers, past and present and the over 1200 Cavalry Members.  Without the commitment of those mentioned, the Cavalry would not exist.

If you believe in those who serve and in making a difference in your community, we encourage you to become a Member.